Repositioning Paolo Soleri: The City is Nature

$ 55.00

The richly illustrated catalogue Repositioning Paolo Soleri: The City is Nature presents the drawings, sculptures and models the seminal artist and architect produced from 1947 until the mid-1970s―during the richest years of his artistic evolution. These selected works represent Soleri’s most creative moments when he was making his artwork and constructing his home-studio, primarily with his own hands. Four chapters by expert historians closely examine Soleri’s often-overlooked achievements within the disciplines of design and craft, futurist and utopian architecture, and 1970s theories of consciousness-raising and therapy.

The book demonstrates the widespread popular interest and excitement about Soleri’s ideas in 1970 and offer a variety of possibilities for the steep decline in his popularity and the resulting lack of historical attention paid to this important artist. Repositioning Paolo Soleri: The City Is Nature is the only monograph to analyze Soleri’s art and ideas after 2009. Radical new material includes an extensive annotated bibliography, a previously unpublished 1974 interview with the architect and a photographic essay of Soleri’s two experimental communities, Cosanti and Arcosanti.

Hardcover | 236 pages.