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Navy Qum Flower Computer Mouse Area Rug

Navy Qum Flower Computer Mouse Area Rug

$ 22.99

Located in the south west of the Persian capital city of Tehran, Qum is famous for the 100% silk carpets made there. Today carpet making is a modern industry in the city, where they began producing silk carpets in the past sixty to seventy years in comparison with old Tabriz and Nain. The Qum carpets are made using a wide variety of colors and designs, especially flowers, hunting scenes and other traditional Persian images. This ‘inspiration’ version particularly emphasizes deep Navy Blue colors and rug fringe. The Persian Collection was created from digital scans of fine Persian carpet images provided courtesy of the Persian Carpets Exhibition in Kuwait.

  • Nylon surface, with rubber base
  • 7.125" × 10.25" × 0.16"