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Deflated Balloon Fruit Bowl

$ 55.00 $ 27.50

We all need bowls. We need bowls for fruit. We need bowls for keys. We need bowls for loose change. We need bowls for all of the above (+ candy!) 

But bowls are a dime a dozen and that’s just not good enough for you. You’re into cutting-edge, modern design that pushes envelopes. You’re looking for a bowl that’s totally different from any other fruit bowl known to humankind. An eye-catching conversation piece for the table or kitchen counter.

Truth be told, what you want is a bowl that doesn’t even look like a bowl – yet somehow still is a bowl.

But you know what? That’s actually not nearly as crazy as it sounds. Because, voila, there it is: The Deflated Balloon Bowl!

Design: Natasha Ho for Made By Humans

  • Hi-gloss electroplating
  • 13″ L x 8″ W x 2.75”
  • Ceramic