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Art Masterclass with Vincent Van Gogh Activity Book

Art Masterclass with Vincent Van Gogh Activity Book

$ 14.99

Learn how to create art like the masters by taking an Art Masterclass! After reading a short introduction to Van Gogh, you’ll do drawing, coloring and collaging activities that show you how he worked and what inspired him to create the art that people love today. Then, you can use the stickers and all the things you’ve learned to create your very own Van Gogh-inspired masterpiece on the pull-out poster at the back. 
Project 12 - Create Your Van Gogh Masterpiece / Starry Night
In the last year of his life, Van Gogh painted what many consider to be his most famous work: 'The Starry Night.' But this wasn’t the first starry night he had painted. In 'Starry Night Over the Rhone' he had already shown that he was interested in painting night skies.
Using everything you’ve learned in this book, create your own starry night sky picture on the poster at the back. Remember to follow these steps.
  • 12 Lessons
  • 50 Stickers
  • Pull-Out poster to create your masterpiece on