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Japanese Flower Pencil Hana Set

$ 20.00
These Hana boast traditional Japanese floral shapes and colors, when sharpened their petal-shaped shavings offer a unique and sophisticated detail.

Constructed from eco-friendly materials derived from waste paper products, Hana offers both a range of unique colors and a unique tactile quality not found in wood or plastic alternatives.

To create a truly unique product, high quality made-in-Japan pencil leads are used in colors matching the casing of each pencil. Hana can be safely disposed of like any other pencil.
The flower pencil expresses the shape of symbolic Japanese flowers in each pencil’s cross-section. From the left hand side, these designs are cherry flowers, red plum, dandelions, tokiwa and balloon flower.

Beyond its eye-catching design and distinctly Japanese charm, the unique material from which these pencils are made combines the tactile qualities of wood with the durability of plastic for a uniquely easy to use and durable pencil.
A flower petal is born from waste. 
  • 5 colored pencils
  • Made in Japan
  • Sold With or Without Pencil Sharperner